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Project ID CG-70245-CHD-13282  Funding required for this project   78,100 USD
Who manages this website? Mr. Jean-Claude Atusameso  obtained to present  
Site manager is appointee of: Jatukik Providence Foundation      
Who is the payee? Jatukik Providence Foundation      

PROJECT DESCRIPTION We serve street children from 3 to 17 years of age, whose life to date has been a struggle for survival, and whose means of subsistence has been through stealing and begging. They live as described in the Gospels: ┐For each day its sorrow┐.


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What will become of them in the future? The Center itself lacks sufficient income generating activity to finance itself. Thus, we would like to develop a way to self-finance the Center and provide to the children a means of livelihood. Our aim is to fund and build poultry operation where the children will learn how to raise hens and other poultry, and derive sources of income from the sale of poultry and poultry products. But, currently, the financial means are missing to bring this project to reality. .

Jatukik Providence Orphans
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This project will take place in 70245 Kinshasa, CONGO
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 Jatukik Providence Foundation
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