Friendship for Special Needs Kids!
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Project ID US-33308-SOC-13142  Funding required for this project   150,000 USD
Who manages this website? Mr. Shua Naparstek  obtained to present  
Site manager is appointee of: Yehoshua Naparstek      
Who is the payee? Friendship Circle of Greater Fort Lauderdale      

Friendship for Special Needs kids, Respite for their Families, and Volunteering Opportunities for Teens.


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Further details about this project
This project will take place in 33308 Fort Lauderdale, USA
If you have a question please contact  Mr. Shua Naparstek
 The Friendship Circle of Greater Fort Lauderdale Inc.
 Phone (954) 396 4639
 Fax (954) 567 0036
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Status of verification
Ycare could not yet confirm the identity of the projcet management/organization.

Current status: Pending, awaiting proof of identity from the project management.

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