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Privacy Policy of YCare AG



Your privacy is of great importance to us.


This Privacy Policy informs you about when and where we collect user sensitive data. This policy is valid for all pages of YCare AG under the domains and sub-domains of www.ycare.org, www.ycare.co.uk and www.ycare.de and may be amended at any given time. Be sure to revisit regularly.


The Privacy Policy covers the following topics:


1. What kind of data do we collect and store?

2. Why do we need this data?

3. Is your data transferred to a third party?

4. How can you update your personal data?

5. Safety


What kind of data do we collect and store?


YCare collects and stores personal user data in order to keep you up to date with necessary information and content. Your data is always treated confidentially. Upon registering you are asked to submit personal data such as your name, telephone number and email address. This data is a prerequisite so that you can be registered and use our marketplace to its full extent.



Why do we need this data?


Your personal data is necessary in order to, inform you about

- new auctions and auction results.

- inform you about alterations and new services on our web site.

- make it easier for you to use our web site

- improve our services to you.

- generate statistical reports for internal use (these reports are generated from aggregated and anonymous user data)




Is your data transferred to a third party?


At the end of an auction, certain user data (such as: name, address, email address) is disclosed to the seller, respectively to the successful bidder, so that these two parties can conclude transactions.


If you are contibuting to a project and have marked the checkbox stating that you wish to receive a donation receipt, your name and address and the total sum of your donation will be disclosed to the project manager.


If you as project manager start a project, and your project receives a donation thru the sale of an item (or ad) all data you submitted under ?payee? (such as bank account, name of bank etc.) will be disclosed to the donator so that he can complete financial transactions to you, respectively to your organization.


In accordance with our ?Terms of Use?, YCare will not reveal any other user data at any other time to a third party.



How can you update your personal data?


You can update your personal user data at any time in your myYCare area. Any data you keep here is for your eyes only.





YCare has high safety standards to protect and store user data in a safe manner. Our web site has a state of the art firewall and users can only participate after submitting there stored user ID and password. Non the less, we cannot guarantee 100% safety.


This is why we advise you to logout every time you use YCare. This is very important especially if you share your computer with other users. Also, do not store your User ID or password on the computer. This could give others the possibility to perform transactions in your name.



Heidelberg 15. Mar. 2005

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