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Non-profit fundraising and online auctions
Welcome to Ycare! Our mission is to recombine fundraising with commercial interests.
We are dedicated to improving community and hope you join Ycare to:
  • Create a fundraising page for your good cause and get funded thru online auctions
  • Buy and sell items and services in online auctions or at fixed prices

This is a collection of Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) from our users. If you have any further questions, please contact us



   Buying & Selling





What are the fees for sellers?


Who should use Ycare for fundraising?

  • no placement fees
  • no fees for uploading images
  • max. fee is 4% of the sales price of successuful sales, but only for that amount, that is not donated.
  • no fees if 100% of the proceeds are donated
Anyone who is serious about fundraising! The key to success, is taking the initiative and spreading the word among your supporters and community about your fundraising page.If you realize, that it is at your hand to attract donors to your fundraising site, you are the perfect match for Ycare.


Do I have to support a project ? Do we have to be a 501 (c) 3 in order to use Ycare?
No, this is completely up to you. You may use Ycare as a normal online auction site. It generally counts, however, that items supporting a good cause, and be it only with a modest 5% of the proceeds, usually sell at a higher price than comparable items not supporting a project. No! All non-profits are welcomed to use Ycare, no matter if they are a 501 (c) 3 or not. We expressly encourage community initiatives to use Ycare for their cause. If you are raising funds for a community project, your school or sports facilities, Ycare is the place to get additional funding.


How does payment work after an item is sold? What are the fees for creating a fundraising page?
When an item is sold, Ycare informs both the buyer and the seller via email. Buyer and seller agree on form of payment. Ycare plays no role in the financial transactions.
  • none - it's free!

No fees or hidden costs for fundraising pages!


How can I avoid selling an item under value? Can supporters donate cash?
When listing an item, you fill in a minimum selling price. Bidders cannot submit bids lower than this minimum price. This way you can exclude the risk of selling under value.


Yes! If you have an online donation system on your website you can fill in the URL. Ycare will redirect donors to your website. Donors may also send cash donations per check to the address you specify on your fundraising page.
How can I support a project ? How are donations payed?
In order to support a project of your choice, go to the project main page and either click "Add to my favorites" or click "Sell an item". Then simply put up an item for sale.


Donors send their donations directly to the non-profit resposible for the fundraising page. Ycare plays no role in donation transactions.
Do I have to donate all the proceeds of a sale? What about tax deductible donation receipts?
No! On selling an item, you specify how much of the proceeds you commit to donate and how much you wish to keep for yourself.

"Give a little - keep a little."

If you are a 501 (c) 3 and eligible to issue tax deductible donation receipts simply fill in this information on your fundraising page. Remember, donation receipts are a strong incentive for others to support your fundraising campaign!.


Fundraisers should download this short brochure.
Or best, download the step by step manuals from the Ycare homepage.


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